Providing Fire Watch Services – What You Should Know

What is Fire Watch Services ? A Fire Watch Service is an integrated system that is implemented on commercial and residential buildings. Fire Watch Services is highly-trained personnel who are specifically trained to identify any potential fire hazard and prevent fires from happening. Fire Watch Services consists of assessing the fire risks on a property, collecting data related to fire prevention, checking for current fire equipment, functioning, and maintenance, and reporting on any improvements needed to reduce fire risks. Some of the services that you may choose from include installing fire detectors, maintaining fire alarms, inspecting gas and electricity lines, fire doors, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire doors, thermal imaging equipment, and more. These services are essential for property owners and managers, apartment dwellers, commercial real estate tenants, business owners, home owners, and government agencies and organizations.

What is the purpose of fire watch services? The purpose of fire watch services is to identify, monitor, assess, reduce, or control risks associated with fire hazards by providing early warning services. If a property owner, manager, or tenant does not have an effective fire prevention program in place, then they are not able to identify the occurrence of a fire hazard, evaluate the risk of a fire, or take necessary actions to mitigate the hazard before it becomes a major threat. They can help to prevent severe damage and loss to people, properties, or infrastructure due to fire.
Why do I need a fire watch service? A large percentage of fatal fires in the United States are caused by electrical fires, which are often started by cigarettes and other tobacco products. This type of fire is a leading cause of accidental death and injuries. Fire protection is an essential component of an effective fire safety plan. Fire watch services provide security services by providing security personnel at the premises of the property or in the vicinity.
Who should be part of a fire watch service? Anyone who is involved in the management of a commercial facility – including managers, maintenance workers, or tenant/ landlord staff – should be included on a list of personnel responsible for fire watch services. Those who regularly enter into or operate buildings containing flammable materials, or who are responsible for inspection of flammable materials in the workplace should also be on this list. It is also a good idea to include in this list those people who use or handle flammable materials in the course of their daily duties.
What do I need to do to be included on a fire watch service? To be properly included on a provider’s fire watch service list, individuals will need to: be 18 years or older; be a resident of the United States; be a legal representative of a business that uses hazardous chemicals or flammables on a regular basis; be employed in the management of a building that contains one or more dangerous chemicals or flammables. What are some of the other information I need to provide to my potential provider? You will need to provide: your full name; your phone number; your address; a work phone number if you use one; your email address; and a copy of your driver’s license or other acceptable identification card. Do not sign your name unless you understand what is expected. You will also need to agree to observe any fire drills that your provider has established as part of your contract.
Are there any specific laws or rules that I need to follow? You should always follow all the laws and rules in your state and local area in terms of providing fire watch services. While this may mean that you are unable to give personal attention to some of the duties that you would normally perform during a building fire, it will also mean that you will be more aware of what is going on and be able to respond more quickly. This can only be good for those of us who are charged with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of others while they are in the building.


Fire Watch Company – Vital Tips For Your Property Security Needs

Every year fires claim many lives and cause millions of dollars in damage to property and personal belongings. Fire Watch is a nationally recognized symbol for those who care about protecting their family and homes. Fire Watch is a national, non-profit consumer organization that advocates for better education, prevention, and response to fires. EPA is the first on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) board of directors to adopt a specific code of practice for its members. EPA offers fire safety watches for commercial establishments, government facilities, farms, forests, and even private residences and apartments.

Fire Watch Company is the leading provider of fire protection for institutions and homes throughout the United States. EPA offers national, state, and local/ multicultural fire watch services. Fire Watch is the leading provider of residential, commercial, and public safety communications and education. Through our professional, nonprofit structure, we advocate for responsible property management companies, ensuring that property owners and managers take all reasonable precautions to protect their premises. We work closely with our customers and community members to help them promote safety.

Throughout the U.S., fire Watch provides fire lookout services for a variety of public and private institutions and promotes the awareness of safe practices and best practices that can prevent fires. In our mission to serve our communities, we work with our members to educate property owners and managers on best practices and to educate the public about the importance of installing a functioning fire alarm system and smoke detectors, among other tools, in their facilities. Our members educate property managers and administrators on the laws pertaining to fire prevention in residential buildings. They assist in developing community awareness and promote safety through participation in regional events and conferences.

If you own or manage real estate, you may have a responsibility to maintain a working and looking fire alarm system in your facility. As a property manager or administrator, it is vital that you educate your tenants, staff, or visitors about the importance of installing an alarm system. We recommend that you host an information session for your staff, inform your tenants of the importance of installing fire watches, provide training for your staff, and then provide a detailed guide on how to conduct a fire alarm inspection and maintenance. Not only will this information help to ensure the safety of your tenants, staff, and guests, but you will benefit from the association fees that you will pay annually. You can also rest assured that your property is safe from fire.

There are many benefits associated with joining up with a reputable fire watch services company. You will receive fair and competitive property rates, a comprehensive inspection report that identifies potential fire risks and hazards, the ability to enter the property at anytime and receive permission for personal inspections by a fire watch guard, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your property is protected. You can also call for service at any time of day or night, if you need assistance with an area of your property that has experienced electrical activity or plumbing issues.

When you are ready to install these security services, or expand your current service plan, contact a professional company that offers a fire watch service. The next step involves contacting a local or state government agency for assistance and guidance. Your local police department should be able to assist you in locating a qualified fire watch team, and the local zoning or building codes office can provide information on the proper documentation that must be submitted when applying for a certificate of occupancy. These documents must include: the description of the property location, the number of sleeping units and baths, the number of people allowed, the number of working hours, equipment details, a copy of the property lease, and the insurance information. Your local zoning or building codes office should be able to assist you with obtaining the proper documentation and application for obtaining a certificate of occupancy.