The newest imagination from Counter Strike International Offensive

Participants in CS: GO or Counter Strike worldwide Offensive are already utilised to the most exotic inventions to further enhance their gaming experience in the counter-terror battle with increased followers.
Today everyone can get skins to customize their weapons, together with the brand new Hide of counter strike acid-etched.

Together with Prism two gamers can not only get powerful weapons, but also quite Original masks, using an fantastic cherry and pearl finish in a striking color combination which make them more attractive.

In the Prisma two box you may also be surprised to get a skin together with all the Special pattern, clover, that will be not anything over the acid-etching that combines a clover and certainly will be exhibited covered with pearls and with lovely colour combinations.

The new Prisma 2 collection was released in conjunction with the “Clearing out the Cobwebs” upgrade, and this time offers an alternative option than most of the skins which Counter Strike Global Offensive players know thus far. This paint pattern Metallic in a variety of colors offers the consequence of a gradient that’s integrated in to the image of a green four-leaf clover. This pattern may be shown at various points on the body of one’s weapon.
Players can acquire advice to Find out if pattern seed or paint seed is Available by checking their own inventory.

For now, It’s expected to be the most in-demand weapon mask, also In more desired locations such as the P2000’s grip.
Counter Strike Global Offensive’s resource store keeps growing, offering players better means to play with and have fun in this never-ending battle.
You can now also have a distinct skin engraving on your weapon, others Can decide how scratched your mask wants.
In this sense, the acid etching Differs from the rest of this Counter Strike Global Offensive masks, that will be only attenuated with a high float.