Acoustic Guitar Youtube – Peter Finger

2009 August 5
by tony hogan

Here is a guitar player that I think a lot of players will like.  His name is Peter Finger.  He is an exceptional guitar player and also involved in recording great players like Ansgar Dalken

To visit Peters Website go to Peter Finger Site

And if you like that you may also like Don Ross – go to Don Ross Youtube

Neil Young Youtube 1970

2009 July 30
by tony hogan

Here is an old video recording of the Canadian musician/ acoustic guitar player / singer songwriter Neil Young.  It was recorded live in 1970 at the Finjan Cafe.   He is performing Loner and Cinnamon Girls.  This is  great treat for Neil Young and Crosby Stills Nash and Young fans.   I’s a reasonably simple dropped D acoustic guitar part with a capo up a couple of frets but it’s very powerful.

For David Crosby on video  go to David Crosby

Gypsy Rover DADGAD Arrangement TAB

2009 July 24

A year or so ago I published a simple but very musical sounding DADGAD Arrangement of the old tune Gypsy Rover.  I have decided to republish it because the previous web page no longer exists due to a weird turn of we events.   A lot of the music I have arranged in this style is inspired by players like Stefan Grossman and Duck Baker.

This is a basic idea to build upon and I would be interested in seeing where other players take this piece.  Playing  slowly and in time is a great place to start wth this piece and then gradually speed it up….and still play it in time :-)

Gypsy Rover DADGAD

Gypsy Rover DADGAD

To download the printable version go to TAB DADGAD Gypsy Rover

For a normal tuning arrangement, go to Gypsy Rover Fingerstyle Arrangement

DADGAD Fingerstyle Guitar – Amazing Grace

2009 July 16

This is a DADGAD Tuning of Amazing Grace for Fingerstyle Guitar which I wrote about two years ago but due to a web related issue, I have decided to repost the tune.  I’ve written it a particular way, slow bluesy and soulful.  It is a foundation for other players to build on.

To download the printable version go to:  Amazing_Grace_DADGAD

Amazing Grace DADGAD tuning

Amazing Grace DADGAD tuning

Acoustic Guitar Youtube – Maneli Jamal

2009 July 10

I was introduced to the acoustic player Maneli Jamal only a few minutes ago, and I think it is a worthwhile posted a brief article about him.  He’s one of the Acoustic Guitar Players in Guitar Idol

A quote from Guitar Idol site “Having dedicated himself to the exploration of acoustic guitar technique, Maneli Jamal is a completely self-taught solo acoustic instrumental guitarist that creates eclectic, adventurous and moving songs that capture the imagination of his audiences. Currently living in Canada, he is trying to pursue his passion as a profession!”

To hear another great acoustic guitar player Antoine Dufour Youtube

Howlin Wolf Youtube Blues Guitar

2009 July 5

I’ve posted this short article with an Acoustic Blues Guitar Video on Youtube because a lot of younger playrs may not know of Howlin’ Wolf and some others may have only heard him and never seen footage. It’s called Shake it For Me and also has Hubert Sumlin on Guitar. It’s from 1964

Here’s Stefan Grossman doing a Slow Blues Tutorial Blues Guitar Tutorial

Crosby Stills and Nash Youtube

2009 July 4
by tony hogan

Every now and then it’s nice to go back to some acoustic music with harmonies which influenced many other acoustic guitar players and vocalist.  Here is Wasted on the Way from 1982

If you are tired of suffering from poorly written Internet Guitar TAB,  check out  Guitar TabAuthentic transcriptions, easy guitar, play alongs, methods at Sheet Music Plus.

Acoustic Guitar Youtube

2009 June 27

This is incredibly beautiful acoustic guitar plaing by Antoine Dufour, the Canadian guitar player.    It is called Ashes in the Sean of his Existence album.  Candy Rat Records

For another great Antoine Dufour Youtube Video go to Antoine Dufour

Dumbest Music Copyright Thing I Have Ever Heard

2009 June 25

I never get involved in court cases, especially if they have nothing to do with me, but I couldn’t resist this one.  I was watching the news tonight and amonst a whole lot of very boring stuff, something jumped out at me.

You may remember an Australian Band called Men at Work, they had a it with a song called Down Under. … “he just smiled and gve me a vegemite sandwich….on a Hippie trail head full of Zombie” fame.   Well, there is a claim that the tune Down Under is a rip off of a childrens song called Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree, here is the article Daily Telegraph Kookaburra Sits in he Old Gum Tree. What made me laugh is that the part that is supposedly ripped off is a bar or so in the flute solo.  I struggled when I heard the accusation, in fact I roared with laughter.  Musicians quote from other tunes in solos on numerous occassions.  The relationship between the main tune with its pseudo reggae beat to the solo is close to irrelevant.  I’ll be watching this one with wonder and awe.

Meanwhile I’ve just been listening to Milton Nascimento sing Ghost Riders in the Sky in Portugeuse.

Acoustic Guitar Blues Scales

2009 June 17
by tony hogan

I wrote a very simple and helpful guitar TAB and Music Notation of Essential Blues  Scales for Acoustic Guitar some time ago.  Obviously they are suitable  for electric guitar. As there are many new visitors all the time to my acoustic guitar sites, I thought it would be a  good idea to post a quick article about them.   In many of them I have included a number of open string because I like the sound of open strings on an acoustic, and also it creates a little breathing space.   Yes there are other ones than these but hese are nice ones to get players started or for those that wish to brush up on their scales.

essential blues scales essential blues scales Tony Hogan Blues Guitar Scales for Acoustic Guitar in TAB and Musica Notation

Publish at Scribd or explore others: Sheet Music & Lyrics music guitar

You may also be interested in these country scales, click Country Guitar Scales for the article

Beautiful Ballad Youtube Sioban O’Brien

2009 June 8

Here’s a beautiful ballad called All M Trials by Sioban O’Brien from Ireland.  The guitar player is Martin O’Malley.

For more brilliant acoustic guitar  music of all styles go to Acoustic Guitarists 

Tony Hogan – Acpoustic Guitar Blogs and Sites

Free the Enemy of Good – ISP’s versus Music Industry

2009 June 1

I was alerted to the article about the manager of U2 – Paul McGuinness.  It’s an interesting debate which ultimately involves the destiny and marketing of music in general.  I know that Seth Godin wrote an interesting article some time ago, and many thngs in it I didn’t particularly agree with.   It is the very thing that a friend of mine who managers one of the top bands around at the moment, and I were discussing a few weeks back. The musicians perspective is often very different from the Give Me More for Nothing Mentality

If you are a musician, I suggest you read this article at CNN U2 Manager – Free is the Enemy of Good


U2 Manager Paul McGuiness

U2 Manager Paul McGuiness

Hand Made Guitar Raffle – Froggy Bottom Guitars

2009 May 26

I’ve just found out that there is a Michael Manzer Froggy Bottom Hand made Acoustic Guitar on raffle. 

Michael’s guitars are some of the best in the world.

QUOTE from Froggy Bottom Site:  ” The guitar is a unique instrument, a Custom Grade of 5A Madagascar rosewood and Adirondack spruce. Two Petria Mitchell engravings adorn the end graft and heel cap, a slotted headstock carries gold Waverly tuners, and the top border, including the fretboard extension is inlaid with brilliant paua abalone from New Zealand. This guitar is valued at $14,125.”

Froggy Bottom Guitar

Froggy Bottom Guitar
















To have the opportunity of owning this beutiful guitar go to the follwing link.  It’s $20 US a ticket and tickets are available via SECURE purchasing via Paypal.

 Froggy Bottom Acoustic Guitar Raffle

And if you win it please let me know so I can post your story here.

Tony Rice Youtube Guitar Lick

2009 May 18

Tony Rice
showing a little of his acoustic guitar flatpicking wizardry. It’s less than a minute long but highlights his fluency and the essence of his playing

For a more in depth tutorial check out this Tony Rice Tutorial

Acoustic Guitar – Tony Hogan Websites

2009 May 15

Tony Hogan – Acoustic Guitar Player. I’m writing this short article / post to let new readers know that I also have another guitar blog website at The Acoustic Guitarist , this site also contains numerous Acoustic Guitar Youtubes, Guitar Scales and TABS, articles on how to inspire yourself to be a better guitar player.

Tony Hogan

Stefan Grossman Youtube – Cocaine Blues

2009 May 6

Here’s the great music historian and Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Player Stefan Grossman doing a Guitar Tutorial on how to play the Reverend Gary Davis song Cocaine Blues

The Internet is full of Guitar Tab which is very innacurate, written by people with various skills.  If you want a decent resource on how to play properly, check out Stefan Grossman’s book below.   Why waste your time with poor quality resources?

Look inside this title
Stefan Grossman's Early Masters of American Blues Guitar: Delta Blues Guitar - sheet music at
Stefan Grossman’s Early Masters of American Blues Guitar: Delta Blues Guitar Transcribed by Stefan Grossman. Guitar tablature songbook and examples CD for acoustic guitar. Series: Stefan Grossman’s Early Masters of American Blues Guitar. 64 pages. Published by Alfred Publishing. (AP.25980)
See more info…

Hottest Rock Band Ever Youtube

2009 May 2

Everyone is always saying who they think is the hottest band of all time.  I think Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution are in with a chance. In fact, even if you don’t like their style you’d have to say they are better than a lot of bands. 

It’s a low budget production

Acoustic Guitar Player Blog goes Electric just for a moment.

It’s very primal

Tony Hogan blingat ning

Acoustic Guitar Video Antoine Dufour

2009 April 22
by tony hogan

Here’s an Acoustic Guitar Video by Antoine Dufour, it is called Ashes in the Sea.

Antoine is one of the new generation of great Acoustic Guitar Players who is expanding the acoustic guitar style.  Others who  are really worth exploring Andy McKee, Pierre Bensusan, Thomas Leeb, and Don Ross.

Antoine Dufour – Ashes in the Sea

Thanks to tch1x for uploading this video
Click the link for s another Youtube Guitar Video by Antoine Dufour

Duck Baker Youtube Guitar Lesson Part 2

2009 April 22

This Acoustic Guitar Youtube Video features Duck Baker teaching how to play the traditional song called Red Wing. It is Part 2.   In this guitar lesson Duck Baker goes into to detail about left hand fingering.  Duck Baker has recorded many albums and has written  guitar books in conjunction with Stefan Grossman.

Duck discusses usage of passing chords going from a C to a  G and also comfortable ways of fingering the chords. He also discusses right and left hand co-ordination, and holding bass notes and playing the melody notes with the other fingers.

These sort of tunes are great for singer/guitar players because the techniques used are very good for adding variations to your guitar parts when you’re not singing.  Personally I find playing solo arrangements  a key to creating much stronger accompaniment parts for when either other singers sing or I sing.  Really, what you are doing is expanding the toolbox.  When Playing solo gigs, a single note guitar solo generally just won’t cut it, you need parts which are much stronger or the whole tune just falls apart.

Duck Baker Youtube Guitar Video Tutorial is available at:


Here is a great guitar book with CD by Duck Baker.

Look inside this title
Encyclopedia of Irish and American Fiddle Tunes for Fingerstyle Guitar - sheet music at
Encyclopedia of Irish and American Fiddle Tunes for Fingerstyle Guitar By Duck Baker. By Duck Baker. For Guitar (Fingerpicking). Solos. Encyclopedia. Fiddle Tunes. Level: Beginning-Intermediate. Book/CD Set. 152 pages. Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc. (98545BCD)
See more info…

The Following book includes El McMeen using tunings such as CGDGAD (A as well as other oen and normal tuning arrangements.

Look inside this title
Complete Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar - sheet music at
Complete Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar By Stefan Grossman, Duck Baker And El Mcmeen. By Stefan Grossman, Duck Baker and El McMeen. For Guitar (Fingerpicking). Solos. Complete. Celtic/Irish. Level: Multiple Levels. Book/CD Set. 244 pages. Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc. (95217BCD)
See more info…

Acoustic Guitar Andy Mckee Youtube

2009 April 19

Andy McKee continues to explore percussive and harmonic techniques which were made popular in the 1980′s by the great guitar / composer Michael Hedges. This tune is is by another great Acoustic Guitar player called Don Ross it is called Tight Trite Night.

Here is a link to the great (late) Michael Hedges acoustic guitar video called Rickover’s Dream Michael Hedges

Pat Metheny Youtube – Harp Guitar

2009 April 14
by tony hogan

This is a very interesting acoustic guitar video with Pat Metheny, the guitar player who recorded some magnificent albums on the EC M label, including Watercolors, New Chautauqua, Bright Size Life.  Pat made it famous as a guitar player very early at about 17 years old when he joined the vibraphone player Gary Burton’s band.  Although Pat Metheny is predominantly known as a jazz guitar player, he has ventured a long way out from the standard jazz format with his acoustic guitar playing and has recorded a very beautiful acoustic guitar album on Baritone Guitar called One Quiet Night. 

This video, for me,  shows where one area of guitar is heading and the work he is doing is as innovative as such great players as Michael Hedges, Pierre Bensusan. Andy Mckee and other contemporay players.  Here once again Metheny is playing a guitar named “Picasso”by the the great Canadian luthier Linda Manzer, it was recorded at a guitar festival in Cordoba Spain.

For more Pat Metheny playing Acoustic Guitar – click the following link Pat Metheny Acoustic Guitar Video 

The aim of this site is to inspire other guitar players

Joni Mitchell Youtube Video

2009 April 3

This Youtube Video of Joni Mitchell is from one of her performances some years ago on the Johnny Cash show. What struck me about it is her big sounding open tuned  dreadnought acoustic guitar.   There are not many others who can hold people spellbound like Joni does with just a guitar and voice. If you explore the nuances in her voice , you start to realize the greatness of her singing.  Althouigh our ears have become very used to the sound of the song Both Sides Now,  when listening o this version it sounds fresh and new.

And here’s some more Joni - Acoustic Guitarist Joni Mitchell

Look inside this title
Hits - sheet music at
Hits By Joni Mitchell. Guitar tablature songbook for guitar and voice. 124 pages. Published by Alfred Publishing. (AP.PG9666)
See more info…

Girls With Guitars – Female Guitar Network

2009 March 25
A year and a half ago I wrote an artcle Women Guitar Players – Go Home and Practice Guys.
An important update is that Marcy Marxer now has a guitar network called Girls With Guitars.
Marcy Marxer Girls With Guitars

Marcy Marxer Girls With Guitars

A  quote by Marcy from  the site: Some may ask,  ”Why do the girl guitar players need a website?”  I’m happy to tell you why.  I’m lucky to have a long and fairly illustrious career as a female guitar player.  I’ve been a professional guitar player/concert performer/session player/recording artist for over 30 years (Yikes!  How’s that possible?).   After all this time people still come up to me and ask, “Why don’t more women play the guitar?”  I’m still surprised by the question even though I’ve heard it hundreds of times and I’ve finally figured out a way to give people an answer. The answer is on the pages of Girls With Guitars.”
Many of my favorite guitar players are female.  The guitar  industry has been dominated by men for so long, it’s nice to see a gradual shift in the mentality over the years about the profile  of female guitarists.   Now we have Kaki King, Badi Assad, Muriel Anderson and other players who are great innovators  and are pushing out the boundaries of acoustic guitar.  I recommend you check out Girls With Guitars Network , I know this is the beginning of something massive.

Duck Baker Youtube – Guitar Lesson Part 1

2009 March 19

Here’s a Guitar Youtube of the Brilliant Duck Baker giving a guitar lesson about  an old standard tune called Red Wing on a nylon string guitar.  If you are not familiar with Duck Baker,  he has written books with Stefan Grossman and also has numerous DVD’s on guitar instruction and CD’s as a soloist and with others .   Duck’s website is at Duck Baker 

I will post Part 2 within a few days.

Adrian Legg Youtube – Irish Girl

2009 March 15
by tony hogan

Adrian Legg – A True Innovator of Acoustic and Electric Guitar

What astounds me is that there are a number of briliant guitar players who fall into the Legend Category for guitarists like myself,  and in some cases they are not household names.  Admittedly I’ve played guitar and followed the development of it for 40 years.  One player that visitors need to  be aware of is Adrian Legg.

Adrian is an English guitar player, he wrote numerous articles in the Seventies and Eighties and in 1981 published a book called Customising Your Electric Guitar, this book set the benchmark for all others to follow.

This is a beautiful tune and Adrian himself assured me it’s easy enough to play.   Adrian plays very clean fingerstyle guitar and if you explore his work over the years  you will very quickly come to realise that he is one of the true inovators of the guitar.  He has recorded about 15 albums and is currently touring.

Here’s Adrian Site Adrian Legg Website and Tour Dates