Led Zeppelin Acoustic Youtube – That’s the Way

2010 April 13
by tony hogan

This is Led Zeppelin live featuring acoustic guitar, it’s from the Led Zeppelin 3 lbum, my personal favorite.  It has Jimmy Page playing in G tuning, the guitar is tuned to D  G B D G B.  The 3 album had other such classics as Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, Hat’s off to Roy Harper, and Gallows Pole. The over all texture of many of the tunes is slightly Celtic, partly because of the use of the open tuned guitars which create a modal feeling.n  And also those who owned the origal vinyl would have had the joy of rotating the cover for hours :)    ( Get an original and you’ll see what I mean).  This style which Jimmy Page plays on this album has influenced many other players.  It stems from the folk boom of the 60′s and notably there was Davey Graham, Nick Drake and John Martyn who were also proficient at open tuned guitars.

For Jimmy Page, check this out Jimmy Page

Tony Hogan

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  1. 2010 June 7

    Such a classic song!

  2. 2010 June 29

    Momento único do Led zeppelin. Só o Led e os Stones, é que faziam algo a parte!!! Muito bom!

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