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2009 November 8

Here’s a solo acoustic guitar version of John Mayer playing ‘Waiting on the World to Change’.  For me, hearing guitar players without all the production and all the other instruments.  When we hear players without all the other frills it gives us a bit of a benchmark of what they are really like.  John Mayer is a player who has matured as a musician at a very young age, and because he can actually play his instrument he will be around for a long time.

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  1. 2009 November 9
    Rhonda permalink

    I heard a song by John at then end of the series “House’s Can and Abel” I had not heard of this guy! I loved it, “Gravity” was the name of the song. I can not sing and I can not dance but I dream of playing the base and the cello has been a dream for over 40 years. A dream I had given up until hearing that song. My plan is to go out and buy a base and get started playing as soon as I can find a teacher!

    Thanks John for the inspiration!

  2. 2009 December 3

    I love music, come from a musical family.. Dad was a soloist from age 17 with Melbourne Symphony, and I grew up with music and it still is my passion. Had heard that Juohn Mayer was a bit more than people’s boyfriend , so I tried to listeh here , with AWFUL speakers, to him. Yep, he’s a musician. Looks so young in this clip. He was quoted recently , saying that if you hadn’t been to a gay bar , then you had never really danced. YEEHAH. Not gay but i know what he means.If I had money i’d buy an incredible sound system but one thing that’s very true is that a real muso doesn’t need the trimmings and John Mayer doesn’t.

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