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2009 June 27

This is incredibly beautiful acoustic guitar plaing by Antoine Dufour, the Canadian guitar player.    It is called Ashes in the Sean of his Existence album.  Candy Rat Records

For another great Antoine Dufour Youtube Video go to Antoine Dufour

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  1. 2009 June 30
    chris permalink

    You always see the mainstream names for best of this, best of that. I came across this guys youtube page in Seattle named Tom Boros. Check out the song “Stumble on Love” Pretty good!


  2. 2009 July 4
    tony hogan permalink


    If you look closely at my blogs you’ll notice a lot of different players of various styles, some that no-one knows. Check out , my blogs are not just mainstream


  3. 2009 August 21
    noel permalink

    Another beautiful tune from Antoine.Once again an unusual tuning I think.Is he playing with just that neumann microphone picking up his sound,or is there anther pickup across the bridge? Is that effect he is using just lots of reverb and nothing else. great

  4. 2009 August 21
    noel permalink

    p,s what make is that guitar? A martin perhaps?

  5. 2009 September 11

    Its a Stonebridge. I believe they are made in Germany.


  6. 2009 September 25
    Quick answer permalink

    No, Stonebridge are made in Czech Republic at the Frantisek Furch. They also contributed to the Avalon guitars earlier. Lakewood (also a nice guitar) are made in German.

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