Neil Finn Youtube Crowded House

2008 September 3
by tony hogan

Neil Finn from Crowded House is probably one of the most musically intelligent pop songwriters I’ve ever heard.  My first encounters with Neil finn was watching him play bass with Split Enz about  35 years ago and it’s been an intersting journey to watch him develop as a front man and song writer.  He can easily stand up with just an a acoustic guitar and voice and completely slay you.  The last time I saw him play was with Crowded House at a free lunch time concert, that’s right, I had front row seats sitting on a step in a small ampitheatre in Sydney, it sort of reminded me of what I’ve seen of the Beatles doing Let it Be with people hanging out of windows, standing on roof tops.

 It’s very easy to get carried away with the complexity of guitar parts, especially if you’ve played for many years.  Neil  Finn always reminds me to play what is required, and often hat may just be a good solid simple acoustic guitar part to accompany a good melody.

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  1. 2008 December 12
    Ludovic permalink


    I agree at 100%……..
    how to make an outstanding tune with few chords….

    awesome song !
    Neil Finn is a really great tune writer.


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