Tommy Emmanuel youTube Video – Classical Gas

2008 July 21

Tommy Emmanuel, the brilliant Australian guitar player playing Classical Gas on his Maton acoustic Guitar, quite a good combination.  A couple of days ago I posted about  Tommy Emmanuel’s youtube version of Amazing Grace.   This youtube of Tommy has him playing Classical Gas his style, a dynamic rhythmic intro and then it gets the Emmanuel steel String acoustic.  It’s great to hear different players of Tommy Emmanuels standard versions of such well known tunes.  Common song that we know so well in our heads that we’ve head numerous versions make it easy for us to notice the unexpected.  I love the percussion he creates on the guitar in this version, and the arpeggios around about the 4 minute mark.  This intensity that he expresses when he plays acoustic is rare.  Hats of to to Tommy Emmanuel, he keeps getting better and better.

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  1. 2008 September 25
    issy permalink

    nice sounds

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