Cat Stevens Youtube – I love My Dog

2008 May 25
by tony hogan

I love my Dog was one of the early songs by Cat Stevens.  It’s great every now and then to not be so serious about music and play simple tunes.  So here’s a song for all the dog loving guitar players.  It made me laugh when I first heard it, but really dogs often outlive many relationships.  I’m not sure if he had to explain himself when he wrote this song.

Listen closely to the second guitar in this tune that really compliments the main guitar part.  I’m sure many guitar players took up the guitar because they wanted to be singer songwriters in the style of Cat Stevens. 

To quote another site: Stevens wrote this about a dachshund he found tied to a post when he was young. When nobody claimed the dog, he took it home and grew attached to it.

Hey thanks for the idea Ekim

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  1. 2008 May 25

    Thanks for posting this. It’s been years since I’ve listened to Cat Stevens and enjoyed his music. As I listened today I looked over and smiled at my two dogs curled up together and sleeping just a foot away from me. It’s too bad that all my human relationships aren’t so easy and so filled with unconditional love.

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