Guitar Exercise – Finger Crab Walk

2008 February 26

Guitar Finger Exercise - Free Tab and Music Notation

To improve your guitar playing you need to get your hands on some good guitar exercises that will help get your fingers play different patterns than what they are used to.  Most guitar players get caught in a musical rut because they only play certain exercises that are repetitive and predictable.  Although I always stress that the end result needs to be good music that sounds musical and not like scales or exercises, there is still a need to strengthen the fingers on a regular basis so you’ll be equiped to play at a decent standard.

The exercise above is a  sort of a crab walk where you play to fingers then jump to the next string.  When you get this one down, try swapping the order of the fingers e.g. 21 34 21 34 etc.  I highly recommend after you have done some finger exercises, it is worthwhile playing some music.   idon’t recommend finishing the day or musical practice session on finger exercises.  It is important to get something back from the practice session, and that is MUSIC itself.

I’ve uploaded a printable version to make it is easier on your eyes.  Click the link to download

Guitar Finger Exercise – Free Tab and Music Notation

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  1. 2008 March 17
    sparrow7 permalink

    really nice stuff posted here… really helpful to beginners such as myself.. hats off!!
    I stumbled upon this site, you might want to check it out:

  2. 2009 May 11
    caleb permalink

    this healped a lot thank you ppl whoever you arre this is wat i have the most trouble with but u guys or girls helped me a lot

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